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Storm Damage and Roof Repairs in St. Louis Area

Call Peak Performance Roofing, the Storm Damage Experts

When a storm hits St. Louis and causes storm damage to your home, the last thing you want to deal with is insurance claims and roof repairs. We know that you want to get a fair insurance settlement and get your roof repairs done quickly and with the utmost quality - so that you can get your family back to its normal routine.

Peak Performance Roofing is here to help get you back on track after storm damage to your home.

After a thunderstorm, tornado, snowstorm, hailstorm or hurricane, it's best to always check your roof and look for obvious signs of damage. Heavy rain, hail or wind can all cause storm damage, and if the damage is severe enough, your roof repairs should be covered by your insurance, depending on your policy. That's where we can help.

At Peak Performance, our technicians look for visible storm damage as well as potential hard to see problems.

Storm damage is not always as easy to spot as a fallen tree on your roof. Severe weather can tear shingles from your roof or damage the composites between your shingles, causing them to curl or break and expose your interior structure to further damage. You cannot always tell if there is damage when looking from the ground and sometimes the signs of damage can easily be overlooked. These issues can cause the deterioration of your roof, dramatically reducing its life.

Our expert technicians will assess the storm damage and will outline options for fixing it. We will provide you with an assessment of the problems caused by storm damage and the options for fixing them. This way, you will be prepared to discuss the situation with your insurance agent.

We are storm damage specialists and deal with insurance claims every day.

Every home insurance policy is different and insurance companies are always changing their claim process for storm damage, so there's a lot that can be missed in the fine print. Peak Performance has extensive experience in dealing with storm damage claims. We will be by your side throughout the entire process - from assessment to filing your claim to repair and on to the final claims payment.

Have weather-related property damage?

Peak Performance Roofing will help you follow these 6 easy steps to file your claim and complete your roof repairs.

Step 1 Call us before you call your insurance company

Our expert technicians will inspect your roof and the exteriors of your home for storm damage. We provide a full assessment of the storm damage and outline options for fixing it. This way, you will be prepared to discuss the situation with your insurance agent when you call them.

Step 2 File your claim - We can help, if needed!

Your Peak Performance representative will be available to answer any questions that come up during the claim-filing process.

Step 3 Schedule time with the insurance adjuster - We'll be there, if you want!

We are happy to meet your insurance company's adjustor during your inspection to make sure all of the storm damage repairs are included on the claim.

Step 4 Review your insurance claim summary for omissions - We'll take a look too!

When your insurance company sends you the summary from the inspection, we can take a look and make sure that your adjustor didn't miss anything.

Step 5 Begin your roof repairs - We'll handle that!

After the paperwork has been signed, it's time to start work on your repairs. Peak Performance will help you select the right building materials and our expert crew will begin work on your repairs. We will work with both you and your insurance company to have your home repaired as quickly as possible.

Step 6 Final payment and paperwork

After the repairs are done, you will pay us, and we will notify your insurance company that work has been completed. They will reimburse you according to the insurance claim summary.

Fixing storm damage to your roof after a storm can seem overwhelming. But Peak Performance Roofing is your local ally when going through the storm damage assessment, claims and repair process.

Peak Performance Roofing has repaired thousands of homes in the St. Louis area after storm damage, and we have helped countless families navigate the insurance claim and roofing repair process. Let us help you.

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